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    gid display tigra b

    hi all! sorry about writing in english but i dont speak german very well. congrats about your forum! i resently installed a gid display on my tigra b 2005. unfortunatelly looks like my 32pin connector is missing some cables. i get an F on range and a 0 on instant consumption. when i drive the instant consumption changes from l/hr to l/100klm so i think that i may be missing 2 out of the 3 needed wires. can someone help me where can i find the needed wires? done a little search but cant understand a lot. thank you very much!

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    be welcome here! So at 1st please make a full list of all pins in your 32 pin connector and tell us how did you wired all cables together. How many pins are there? Also the numbers of all pins you have there... But I think it should be the same like on Meriva A. So that can't be too difficult. Where is your display from? Also Corsa C/Tigra B/Meriva A? or another car? 'cause I mean you can use only these 3... Is your engine code correct in your display? 'Cause I mean there was no board computer available for the 1.3 liter Diesel...but maybe you can kick the system a** and wired the 1.3 diesel like on Corsa D...I'm not sure that will/can work...but who knows...

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    thanks for your answer! first of all my car is not 1.3cdti its a 1.4 venzin. my engine is Z14XEP. the display is from a tigra twintop same as mine reseted with tech2 and married with my car. i dont have the original cd30mp3 but an aftermarket 2din display. i have tested all the available code index on op-com but see no difference. i dont have a detailed list of all the pins of the 32pin connector at this moment but i'm pretty sure i miss the 2 cables needed for the boardcomputer to work. the thing is i dont know where to find them... thank you!

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    möchte den Thread aufgreifen, da ich einen Tigra Twintop Diesel 2008 besitze und gerne ein GID aus einem Tigra Twintop 1.8 Benzin 2005 einbauen würde, ein OP-COM (China-Clone) habe ich schon besorgt, nur die genaue Vorgehensweise fehlt halt, vielleicht kann da einer helfen.

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